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The Exciting World of Aesthetics

Mar 30, 2022

       Working in the field of medical esthetics is very exciting, especially for someone like myself, who when asked my role at H2 Wellness & MedSpa will proudly respond, “I am just a receptionist.” A common question I get from patients on the other end of the phone or from across the desk is, “So, what do you offer here?” Great question! When Dr. Tamara Hanby, D.O. first asked me to join the team in the fall of 2020, I only had a slight glimpse of what I would be getting myself into. Although I was familiar with some of the treatments offered, like facials and chemical peels, and injectables commonly known as Botox and fillers, it was a wild ride quickly finding out how much more we had to offer.

         My very first day on the job, I jumped at the chance to witness the amazing Kayse Elaine Freehauf, FNP-C, perform a laser procedure called NightLase® with the Fotona laser. Upon first learning about this treatment, I found out that NightLase® helps with sleep apnea and snoring. The knowledge that Freehauf soon provided to me was more than, “it helps with those things.” I learned that we have patients who have totally eliminated the use of a CPAP machine, the traditional treatment for those with sleep apnea. I learned that patients (and their partners!) are now getting completely restful nights’ sleep due to the decrease in their snoring. And that this is all done in a few non-invasive treatments where the patients walk out of the clinic and resume the rest of their day!

         To say I was shocked may be a bit dramatic, yet feels right all at the same time. It may be more accurate to say I was thrilled! Just simply thrilled to know that we can provide these kinds of solutions to our patients. I wasn’t shocked to know that this type of technology exists, just excited to know that it was something H2 had our hands on and that we were actively using it to improve the overall health and quality of life for our patients.

         The technology that is harnessed in the Fotona lasers used at H2 Wellness & MedSpa is truly one of the things I’m most fascinated by. The same laser responsible for the NightLase® can also do laser hair removal, something most of us are more familiar with in the medical esthetics world. And, the same laser that can remove hair can also stimulate hair growth (when different frequency settings are used) for those experiencing hair loss through our HAIRestart® treatments. “Um, excuse me? What is this magical light beam machine?” is something I’ve for sure asked out loud to our laser technicians at least once or twice. What’s more, our lasers can be used on scars, stretch marks, removes tattoos, treats acne, addresses sexual wellness, treats urinary incontinence, clears nail fungus, and even does a needleless and pain-free Fotona4D® Facelift! This isn’t even close to our “all-inclusive” list here at H2. Since joining the H2 team, I’ve coined the phrase, “we’ve got a laser for that” when talking to my family and friends, and honestly, it’s the truth!

         Part of my discovery of all of what we have to offer includes trying many of these services and treatments out for myself. I mean, who doesn’t love to be pampered and enjoy the effects of top-of-the-line, industry leading treatments? Getting to write this blog has been another way I get to take a deep dive into the treatments and services H2 offers our patients. Most recently, I got to experience our newest treatment to join the lineup, the Vivace RF Microneedling treatment. You can read more about my experience here. Soon, I’ll get to have my first experience with fillers, and you can bet you’ll be getting another blog post from me that includes my experience first hand as well as additional research I’ve done about fillers.

With Dr. Hanby and Kayse Elaine at the forefront of anti-aging medicine and aesthetics, I trust that if they have chosen to bring a treatment to our clinic, it’s a treatment that’s worth it! I know that when they make decisions about what we are going to offer, their years of experience and knowledge lead them down the road to offering solutions that leave people like me saying, “I never knew such a thing was possible!”

The world of medical esthetics is ever advancing and ever changing. New research and advances in technology is taking us places we never knew would be possible. So, the answer to the question, “What all do you offer here?” might just be answered with another question…“How much time do you have to talk?” 

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