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Let Me FILL You In On Cosmetic Fillers

Jun 17, 2022

I can remember beginning to work at H2 Wellness & MedSpa, learning about all the amazing procedures and treatments we offer to our patients and being blown away by what we could do for them. I also remember thinking about any of the treatments I was interested in trying for myself and saying out loud, “I won’t ever do anything that requires a needle to go in my face!” It’s almost comical thinking about it now. The team laughed, as if to say, “Girl, just you wait!” and “Never say never!” And they were right. My holdout lasted all of six months before I willingly had my first Xeomin (a form of botulinum toxin injection, like Botox) treatment, and that’s all it took to hook me. Kayse Elaine Freehauf, FNP-C, and I now joke that I ask for, “more needles!” my lighthearted way of saying she does such a spectacular job at injecting, and I’ve loved the results of every treatment I’ve tried (needle or not!).
So, imagine my excitement when last month Kayse Elaine approached me about having some cosmetic filler done. Even though I’ve clearly gotten over my fear of needles, having filler of any sort injected was something I had not desired or even really considered prior. I can only imagine the look I must have had on my face when I looked at her and exclaimed, “Filler?! Where?!” She graciously explained that she wanted to inject a hyaluronic acid based filler in my cheeks in the areas where we typically think of as the apples of cheeks. And let me tell you, I was totally in agreement to have this treatment done, but equally nervous. But when the day came and I was under the needle once again, we were talking like it was a normal day, getting in a few laughs, and discussing how immediate my results were after just one syringe of filler was used on the pads of my cheeks!
I think when you’ve never thought about having something done that could alter your appearance, even though it would be subtle and a positive change you like, being nervous is a normal response. For me, the more I know about something, the more comfortable I am with it. So if you’re anything like me and previously didn’t know much about filler, or simply want to know more about what we can do to enhance your cheekbones, plump your lips, or fill the laugh lines that have developed with time…let me fill you in.
What areas can I have cosmetic filler injected?
Full disclosure, I think most of us specifically think lip filler whenever the topic comes up. And rightfully so, as the treatment has grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade, aiding those desiring a more powerful pout to see their desired results. But filler can help with so much more. As we age, our bodies slow production of hyaluronic acid, causing loss of volume and elasticity. This results in hollow looking features in places like under our eyes and in our cheeks and chin, and causes the deep wrinkles we commonly call things like smile or laugh lines down our nasolabial folds and on our necks. We offer filler for all those areas, plus more! Did you know that other than the areas of your face, neck, and chest, your hands will show signs of aging quicker than any other area of skin? I’ve got great news: you can have your hands treated with cosmetic filler to address this issue!
Why should I get cosmetic fillers vs. other options?
Having cosmetic filler injected provides more flexibility to the patient. Injections can be administered in less than a couple of hours, with a portion of that time being allotted for topical numbing to be applied and start working, and the patient can return to most daily activities the same day. No overnight hospital stays here! Cosmetic fillers are also more affordable compared to the traditional plastic surgery counterparts used to achieve similar results. In addition, you are able to take a slower, more gradual approach to filler if desired. For example, I had one syringe of filler injected into my cheeks and saw results the same day, but I also knew I would continue to see subtle improvements over the next several weeks. After that time, if I still wanted to have additional filler injected, that’s absolutely an option! This also prevents patients from going overboard or “overfilling.”
As another benefit, if a patient is ultimately unhappy with their results, injectable filler is reversible. This is done via an injectable solution that dissolves the previously injected hyaluronic filler. Additionally, fillers are not permanent, with most results lasting between six to 18 months. This also makes it a great option for patients of all ages, with various target areas of concern. After all, we see various stages of changes to our features throughout the decades, so not each patient is going to want or need the same treatment.
One thing is for sure, with the options that fillers provide, many have decided that cosmetic filler is the right path for them! In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported roughly 3.4 Million cosmetic filler procedures being done in the year 2020, and The Aesthetic Society reports a year over year increase of 42% of procedures done in 2021 for fillers!
It is also worth noting that when it comes to facial wrinkles, your mind might go straight to an option like a botulinum toxin injection, commonly known as Botox, or our preferred product, Xeomin. While these are also injections to treat wrinkles, depending on your overall aesthetic goal, a filler still might be the better option. We recommend scheduling a consultation to see what’s best for you!

What options are available? At H2 Wellness & MedSpa, we offer 2 different brands of cosmetic fillers: Restylane and Radiesse. With Restylane offering treatments targeted for specific areas; Defyne, Lyft, Kysse, and Contour (the treatment I had).

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