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Whether it is for aesthetic purposes or medical conditions, we have the right solution for your concerns

Sports Medicine

Staying active is important for physical and mental health. A primary care sports medicine doctor helps with injury prevention, healthy lifestyle, and treatment of injuries when needed to keep you moving.

Holistic Wellness

We offer the latest in today’s wellness, weight loss management, hormone replacement therapy, genetic testing, and more! Let us help you tackle any health issues you may have.

Acousana SoftWave Treatment

For many musculoskeletal issues, this treatment can give you long term pain relief and healing. Call and schedule a consultation today!




What our clients say…

Wonderful, wonderful services and staff. I first went for a torn meniscus in my knee, I was facing SURGERY and after 3 treatments of Sound Wave Therapy, I cancelled my surgery. It’s been 5 months and I could not be happier about the quick and effective results. I would recommend this treatment for anyone facing surgery in knees, shoulder, foot, anywhere! I was AMAZED at the permanent results. Since then I have been back for more “fun” treatments on my face and under my eyes (bye bye bags)!! If you love smart, intelligent, friendly women who take care of you and know what you need before you know, this is YOUR PLACE.

Shae B.

If you’re looking to improve your overall health, and your appearance, then H2 Wellness & Med Spa is THE place! Elaine Freehauf, NP, Dr. Hanby and the entire staff are so polite and friendly. Pam is such a delight to visit with, and she truly makes you feel very special! I had the Radiesse dermal filler done with Elaine, and I’m very happy with my results. Elaine is very knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable during the procedure. I’m also a huge fan of their supplements!

Kim S.

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Let Me FILL You In On Cosmetic Fillers

Let Me FILL You In On Cosmetic Fillers

I can remember beginning to work at H2 Wellness & MedSpa, learning about all the amazing procedures and treatments we offer to our patients and being blown away by what we could do for them. I also remember thinking about any of the treatments I was interested in...

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The Exciting World of Aesthetics

The Exciting World of Aesthetics

       Working in the field of medical esthetics is very exciting, especially for someone like myself, who when asked my role at H2 Wellness & MedSpa will proudly respond, “I am just a receptionist.” A common question I get from patients on the other end of the...

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Vivace RF Microneedling

Vivace RF Microneedling

Lively. What a beautiful word that can bring up many feelings and emotions. What do you think of when you hear the word, “lively”? Maybe it’s the rush of being on a rollercoaster that makes you feel alive. Perhaps you have an upcoming life event like your wedding or...

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COVID & Hair Loss

COVID & Hair Loss

Hair is undoubtedly an important part of our identity. If you’ve ever been asked to describe someone else, their hair is probably one of the top physical features you used to illustrate them. We change our hair as a form of self-expression and as a way to keep our...

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